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BIGJAM - May 2010

Wow – what a Brilliant Day !
BiggJam 10 was the Biggleswade and District Summer Camp run over the weekend from 21 May to 23 May 2010. 20 of the 1st Langford Beavers joined the fun from lunchtime on the Saturday until after the Camp Fire on Saturday night. After being thoroughly entertained by the Magician – Howdy Do Dat – with the help of Alex Smith, who was superb at holding the magic pencils, we trotted on down to Mexico – the Upper Caldecote Camp, for Lunch. Wraps were the order of the day, with a choice of delicious and healthy fillings.
Then as 2 o’clock approached we were assembled ready for the arrival of a Helicopter. The Beavers watched in awe as the ‘copter flew through the trees and eventually landed in the middle of Boyd Field, scattering cut grass everywhere!
The Beavers were then organised into 5 groups, with a Leader / Helper in each group – then off to have FUN ! Assualt Courses were tackled, Bouncey Castles were jumped on, Slides were slid, Water Bombs were launched, Rope Bridges were crossed, ice pops were eaten, games were played – then they did it all again !!!
5:30 came round (too quickly for the Beavers – not soon enough for the Adults!) and it was dinner time. Chilli or Bolognese with Rice (someone even managed to blag a sausage or two !) was the order of the day, followed by Swiss Roll, Custard and Squirty Cream ! After a mountain of washing up and a few games, we headed to the Camp Fire for the final bit of the Beavers day.Some brilliant songs and actions, some very tired Beavers, and it was time to collect our things and go home.

Thanks to Paul, Dave and Shaun for Volunteering on this occasion – Thanks to Katy as always for being so committed AND thanks to ALL of the Beavers who made the day something to Remember !
Brown Bear