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Fire Station - June 2010

On 8 June 2010 the 1st Langford Beavers spent their evening in the company of Fireman Tim and Fireman Jim at Biggleswade fire station as they learnt about the dangers of Fire.
The Biggleswade retained fire crew entertained the Beavers with stories of their work, photos of accidents and fires as well as a safety video demonstrating how quickly a fire can spread.
Fireman Tim put on a full suit of fire fighting equipment and explained the various bits of apparatus to the Beavers and the safety measures they have to go through to ensure their safety when tackling a fire.
Volunteer Beaver Conor then gave a very good demonstration of ‘drop and roll’, a technique to use if your clothes are on fire.
After a great and very informative hour it was time to head home and tell parents all about the dangers !

Pics from the evening ……