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Fun Day - June 2010

On 19 June 2010 the 1st Langford Beavers spent their Saturday having a great deal of fun, along with thousands of other Beavers and Cubs, at the National Fun Day at Gilwell.

The guys started the day with a simulator ride, and ended it at the fair !
After being set a Challange to complete more activities than the previous years Beavers, the guys rose to the challange, In between the simulator ride and the fun fair they completed 12 other activities, including abseiling, prussiking, zip lines, go-karts, water rockets and face painting as well as decorating yummy biscuits, they had completed their challenge !

Well done to Perrin, Ollie, Jack and Charlie for being such active Beavers on the day, and thanks to Paul Marsh for coming along to help Brown Bear out.

Pics from the day