Contact Us

Hi - I'm Ned the Beaver.
I'm the Beaver Mascot for the 1st Langford Beaver Group.

We meet each Tuesday between 6:30pm and 7:30pm at our own Scout Hut in Langford - it's not a pretty building but hey, it's home !

I normally spend the session watching the Beavers doing their activities. The Beavers do loads of great stuff, and here's a list :

  • Making models out of JUNK
  • Drawing Pictures
  • Making Models out of Clay - Super Clay is brilliant !
  • Learning About Traditional Scouting Skills such as Tracking, Compas Reading and Map Reading.
  • Making Cards and Presents
  • Learning about Healthy Food and Making Food to Eat - yum yum !
  • Conker Fights
  • Learning about Safety and taking a trip to the local Fire Station - check out the pictures but watch you don't get wet !

and best of all

  • Playing Games, such as - Dodge Ball, Alien Splatt, Crab Football, Indoor Hockey, Jump Rope, Head/Catch, Scatter Rounders, Quick Cricket and Frozen Mars Bar.

and most importantly :

HAVING FUN - especially at Beaver Fun Days !!!!!

When the session is over I get to go home with the Beaver who has been chosen by the Leaders to look after me for a week. They can take my picture and write in my diary about what we've been up to. I then come back the following week to be taken home, and have another adventure, with someone else.